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Hi, Dr. Jensen, here at Inner Health Chiropractic with your daily healthy spine tips!
I get a lot of questions about which mattress is best to sleep on. That’s a tough question because we are all different and depending on your size, body type and physical limitations, and that can determine the best mattress for you. First and foremost, do your due diligence.

There are so many mattress companies out there and they all have different return policies and warranties. Also, most have a restocking fee as well on returns if you do not do an exchange. Because a lot of companies are direct to customer you cannot try out the mattress before purchase so pay attention to the purchase policies. One thing that I recommend is if you are thinking about a new mattress and not sure, try sleeping in a different bed in your house, if available, or if you’ve had a great bed at a hotel, contact them for information.

I recommend a moderate firm to firm mattress for most people and you should replace your mattress every 10-12 years. You should turn your mattress 180 Degrees every 3-4 months and/or flip it if it is not a pillow top. Depending on who’s sleeping on the mattress, it will wear differently so you want to minimize that as much as possible.

Available options for mattresses nowadays are;

Latex foam, memory foam, individually wrapped coils, foam/coil combo, air, gel, gel/foam combo. Foam mattresses have a tendency to get hot for some people so that’s a factor. Some offer adjustable mattresses too which is great for raising your legs or elevating your upper body if you are watching TV or have difficulty breathing in a flat position.

I’m partial to a combo mattress which has both foam and individually wrapped coils. Most foam mattresses will sink over time and can sink up to 2″ which may or may not affect your back or neck. Another thing can be off outgassing which are fumes that are released from the fabrics and construction materials of the mattress. There are mattresses made of organic cottons and wool and latex but they can be pricey, however, buying a good quality mattress is an investment in your heatlh and that’s most important in the long term.


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