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I am so excited to share information I have accumulated over the past 25 years on mind, body and spirit health! My goal is to create a monthly newsletter that is informative, easy to read and easy to put into everyday practice. If you have any suggestions or topics you would like me to cover, please feel free to contact me at Info@IHCchiro.com. Thank you!

February is here and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. St Valentine is the patron saint of courtly love and his body was buried on February 14th, thus it’s become a yearly celebration of love for you and your loved ones.
All of us, from the day we're born till the day we pass on, want to love and be loved. Love is a beautiful thing and it’s what gives us purpose in our lives and on this planet because love IS “all there is.” Love, loving, and being loved is the greatest gift we can receive, give ourselves, and give to others. And, to receive love we must give love.

The technology these days for heart evaluations has significantly improved. Whether you have scans, monitors, stress tests etc, evaluating your heart health is an important component of maintaining your health. I recommend getting a baseline evaluation of your heart and circulatory system even if you are asymptomatic. Heart attacks are known as the “silent killers”. Your heart can take quite a lot of stress and damage before it starts to rebel in the form of heart attacks, A-fib, mitral valve prolapse, etc.

Aerobic exercise and resistance training is significant in improving blood flow from your heart to the rest of your body and healing to reduce blockages. These activities include walking, biking, running and swimming, weightlifting, etc. These help increase your heart rate which keeps your heart strong. Your heart is a muscle, so just as you strengthen your muscles with weight bearing activity, you must do the same with your heart to keep it strong. Often the upper/mid thoracic and upper cervical spine subluxations are common with heart dysfunction.

Our hearts are physically located near the center of our chest primarily functioning off an electrical impulse. It holds an enormous amount of our emotions and feelings. And, is a site for multiple chemical reactions. We live, think, and breathe with our hearts.

YAM is the Sanskrit chant sound (mantra) for the Anahata (heart) Chakra. It brings about peace, contentment, joy, love, and compassion for yourself and those around you. Feel the vibrations through your throat and chest as you chant Yam, Yam, Yam over and over. You will connect with your heart centre finding balance. One of my favorite mantras is the following: Om Mani Padme Hum- it’s a reminder that the Divine(Jewel) is within our hearts. We are what we seek. Like Yam, chanting this mantra opens the heart chakra, and brings calm, peace, and healing.

Feature Essential Oil: Rose Oil
Rose oil vibrates at a higher vibrational frequency than any other essential oil, 320 MHz. The higher the vibration, the greater the healing properties. Rose oil enhances the frequency of every cell which helps to bring balance and harmony to your body. Historical uses: anti-aging, emotional balancing, anti-depressant, relaxation, aphrodisiac, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. It is one of the most expensive essential oils as it takes approximately 60,000 roses to extract one ounce of oil. Not for use with children under 6 years old or animals.
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