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Hi, I’m Dr. Jensen, at Inner Health Chiropractic. Today we are going to explain the correct way to enter and exit a vehicle. This is something most adults do daily with out thinking, but if you are in pain or trying to avoid pain especially in your lower back here are a few tricks that might help out.

When entering the vehicle, stand with your backside to the left side of the car seat and sit down like you’re going to sit in a chair. Once you’re seated, swing your legs together to the right until they’re under the steering wheel and you are facing forward in the seat. Use the handle above the window to pull yourself up if you need to re-adjust your bottom.When exiting the vehicle, just do the reverse. Swing your legs together to the left until they are on the ground and your whole body is facing the open door.  Use the handle above the window if needed to stabilize yourself as you swing out. Then stand up and exit the vehicle.

The reason this is a preferred method of entering and exiting a vehicle so you are more balanced and not putting undo weight-bearing on either hip or legs and it also helps avoid pulling groin muscles.


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