October is national breast cancer awareness month. Most of the following information is found on the Susan Koman foundation website.

Each year in the US about 240, ooo women and 2500 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Most early-stage breast cancers are found with screening mammography So early detection is key. Therefore, yearly mammograms or thermographic imaging and daily self-breast exams are essential. Mammograms are x-rays and thermographic imaging using heat from your body to detect differences. If there is something suspicious found on a mammogram, they will follow-up with an ultrasound of the area. With the advance of digital x-rays, the process has become more efficient and precise in detection. The recommended age to start screening is 40 years old. In the state of Florida, free screening mammograms are available through this phone number: 305-348-PINK (7465).
Increased risk factors for diagnosis:
Age, high breast density, family history, older age of first childbirth/menopause, hyperplasia of breast, high igf-1 hormone levels, ashkenazi jewish heritage, menopausal hormone therapy, birth control pill use, high prolactin and blood estrogen levels, smoking, weight gain, brca1 or brac2 gene mutation.
Decreased risk of diagnosis:
Heavier weight before menopause, breastfed children, carotenoid intake, exercise after menopause, fruits and veggies in diet.
Common warning signs:
  • Change in the look or feel of the breast (ie, lumps, thickening of tissue, swelling, redness, change in size or shape, dimpling or puckering of the skin, itchy or scaly sore on breast)
  • Change in the look or feel of the nipple
  • Nipple discharge
Of note: Pain is more common with benign (non-malignant) breast conditions than with breast cancer (malignant).

Aside from breast cancer, I have treated a lot of women over the years with excruciating back pain due to large breasts or breasts that are too large for their frame. This occurs over a long period of time. Keeping your middle back strong and stretched, being fastidious about posture and getting regular chiropractic adjustments are keys to minimizing the pain. Also, bras are very important for helping your posture and mimizing the pressure on the shoulders and upper back from the weight-bearing on the front side. It’s important to get properly measured and use bras that have wider straps for better support and fit. For those who wish to seek a breast reduction, it’s necessary to keep a log/diary of pain related issues. You have to make a paper trail which is consistent and you need to have regular chiropractic and medical care showing you’ve sought treatment, therapy and care before most insurance companies will pay for the procedure.

Strengthening the middle and upper back: Planks, rows, pushups, lat pull downs, wood chop, handstands, shoulder press, bicep/tricep curls, shoulder shrugs.
Stretching: Laying on foam roller parallel/perpendicular to your spine, clasp hands behind back and then flex forward at the waist, downward dog, child’s pose, knees to chest, hands to door jamb.
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Essential oil
Frankinsense—frankinsense is a holy oil of the middle east and traditionally used in holy worship to help improve communication with the creator. There are over 50 references to the oil in the bible. It is derived from the sap of boswellia genus of trees. Properties are anti-cancer, anti-depressent, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral and an immune stimulant, among others. Studies have been done to assess frankinsense’s anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects and there are promising results. It contains sesquiterpenes, enabling it to cross over the blood brain barrier. This oil can be used aromatically or applied directly on the areas of concern mixed with a carrier oil. Do not use on children under 6 years old and use with caution and dilute accordingly with children over 6 years old. Frankinsense is safe to use with cats and dogs, but again check with a professional regarding dilution and frequency as animals are sensitive to essential oil use.
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