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I am so excited to share information I have accumulated over the past 25 years on mind, body and spirit health! My goal is to create a monthly newsletter that is informative, easy to read and easy to put into everyday practice. If you have any suggestions or topics you would like me to cover, please feel free to contact me at Info@IHCchiro.com. Thank you!

One thing that I became more aware of during our isolation with Covid was the sounds of nature. When we were in lock down, our natural world thrived as there weren’t obstacles competing with their surroundings or food. It didn’t matter to nature that humans were in a crisis, nature just continued to do what it does everyday. What I often did and still do was to take long walks without any headphones or phone or distractions so I could just listen to the world around me. The Japanese call it Nature Bathing. When you watch and listen, nature becomes more amplified as your awareness grows and you start to notice the most finite things that you never noticed before. A particular bird, its call, light coming through the leaves and the shadows it casts, wind stirring a chime and the music it plays, bees collecting pollen…….My point is that it’s important to pay attention to your natural environment and really see it and hear it. You’ll find that it calms your mind and your breath and slows down the ongoing chatter in your head to create more peace in your life.

One thing that I am frequently asking patients esp since Covid is if they are clenching or grinding their teeth at night or during the day while concentrating at work.

What I often find is that if this is done repetitively, it can cause headaches in the temporal and forehead areas or at the base of the skull, facial pain lateral to the eyes, neck pain and upper back pain down into the middle of the back. Wearing a night guard or mouth guard doesn’t necessarily stop you from clenching or grinding but they do help protect your teeth and gums and the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) from the stress and strain on the mouth caused by clenching and grinding thus, helping to reduce the effects on your body.

Clenching and grinding can loosen the gums around your teeth, crack teeth and cause dysfunction and instability in the TMJ. Have a talk with your dentist so he/she can examine you for the signs and fit you for a mouth guard. It is an investment but long term you will see the benefits of regular use.

Practice gratitude daily. We often take for granted wonderful things that show up in our lives and complain about the not so wonderful things that make us angry and frustrated. I catch myself when I fall into this trap and remind myself of the many things I am thankful and grateful for.

This may be a green light, and great nights sleep or that job you’ve worked so hard to get. It doesn’t matter how big or seemingly insignificant something is, it’s still important to be grateful. Living a life of gratitude creates more peace for yourself and an abundance of joy and happiness is often a byproduct. Being grateful connects that greater part of yourself with the universe which not only benefits you spiritually but also mentally and physically as well.

GO micro GREEN

Over the past year I have been consuming large quantities of a variety of sprouts daily. Primarily sunflower, pea and broccoli sprouts. These micro greens are a powerhouse of nutrients containing proteins, fats, chlorophyll and enzymes that are extremely beneficial to our well being. The sprouts are germinated seeds that are harvested at the peak of their nutritional value. They can be used raw in salads, green juice and as toppings. I personally make a huge salad of just sprouts and add other raw veggies and sprinkle with lemon juice and a little bit of extra virgin olive oil or just lemon juice solely. There are a variety of sprouts grown in our area available at grocery stores or delivered to your home. It’s preferable to buy (or grow your own) sprouts that are harvested in soil as the sprouts will absorb the nutrients in the soil which will be passed along to you.

Featured Oil:
Over the years I have frequently used a blend of my own of essential oils on patients when they came in for a visit and have always had great responses to the blend. I finally got my act together and started bottling it. It’s a great combination of oils used for muscle spasms, headaches, tendonitis, generalized pain and discomfort. The following therapeutic grade essential oils are Included in this blend: basil, birch, cajeput, cinnamon, clove, cypress, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary and spruce. I have found patients use it both on their muscles, joints and along the spine for relief of pain and discomfort. This is not an oil that should be used on animals, pregnant or nursing mothers or children under six years of age. This oil should be diluted with a carrier oil as some of the oils in this blend are strong and may cause skin sensitivity. For best use, use some on a patch of skin as a test and wait 30 minutes for any reaction. If so, apply a carrier oil (not water) to the area to reduce any redness and discontinue use. If you have any questions, please contact me at my office.
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