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December and the holiday season is here. 2023 has flown by and as I reflect on this year, and the events that have transpired these past 12 months each one of us has experienced many beautiful things and unfortunately sadness and tragedy. How we manage the outcomes of these experiences mirrors our ability to be grateful, to forgive and move forward.

December is a month of giving and receiving and when we give, we benefit from the gratitude of those we give to and when we receive it gives us an opportunity to be grateful and thankful for all that we have. In the past, I frequently was reluctant to willingly receive as I didn’t feel worthy or deserving of what was being given to me. This has been both professionally and personally. A teacher once told me that when someone is giving you something and you block it, you stop the cycle of giving and receiving. The cyclical energy is broken as those both givers and receivers benefit from the energy of the action. It’s still a bit challenging for me but I have gotten much better at receiving and welcome the opportunity. The second chakra is associated with giving and receiving. The color orange and orange essential oil can balance the energy of this chakra.

Forgiveness is a topic that can be discussed for a lifetime, but there are a few tips I’d like to share that have helped me over the years. Forgiving elicits freedom for those carrying around resentment or anger associated with a past wrongdoing from another party. Early in my education around forgiveness, we were commonly told to forgive and forget and as a child I remember being taught an “eye for an eye” to resolve conflict.

As an adult, I found these two ways of thinking extremely challenging as forgetting a wrongful action (or my interpretation of it) didn’t make it go away and taking revenge for a wrong doing can end up very poorly on a lot of different levels and didn’t make much sense either. So, several years ago, I learned just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean you have to forget the action that caused you pain or grief. They’re not equal and that liberated my whole thinking around forgiveness. Forgiveness releases you and the other party from the clutches of anger and resentment you are holding onto. When you no longer hold onto these negative emotions, you can fill that void with love and gratitude for the lessons the action or that person showed you and be thankful for the opportunity to grow. The third chakra and the color yellow is associated with anger and resentment. Using lemon essential oil over your liver (which carries anger) and over the spleen (which carries resentment) can lessen the effects of these emotions and encourage healing and balance the third chakra.

Every day we have opportunities to move forward from things and experiences that no longer serve us and again take a minute to reflect on what these experiences have taught us. We are bombarded with so much stimulation and information minute to minute it’s challenging to filter out the minutiae much less manage it all on an emotional level.

I feel as if I’m still recovering from Covid emotionally and am triggered regularly by certain things, but it’s getting easier and the more I make myself get out of my comfort zone, the more comfortable I’m in my environment again. I regularly get chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, exercise, reiki and energetic healing work which have all improved my physical and mental well-being. And, I think one of the most important things we can do regularly is take time each day to be quiet and still. This helps temper the challenges we all face day to day and give us peace, grounding and the ability to move forward gradually and to face these events with grace and ease. Again, the third chakra is related to moving forward upping your self-confidence and will power.

As you can see, the abdomen and core of the body has a huge impact on the way we deal with emotions and releasing so much that is unhealthy for us. Working with your second and third chakra and integrating the use of essential oils and receiving chiropractic adjustments to your middle back, lower back and pelvis will help manage these stressors and make way for forgiveness, receiving and moving forward into a new year and new outlook on life!


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