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Hi, Dr. Jensen, here at Inner Health Chiropractic with your daily healthy spine tips!
I get a lot of questions daily about pillow use. There are so many pillows on the market so it can be a bit challenging to determine what’s best for you. Most are generic, however, and they don’t take into consideration your size, body type or physical limitations.

There are some on the market which can be sized to fit your body to a certain extent. The material of the pillow is important as well. I do not recommend feather pillows as they do not offer much support once the weight of the head is on the pillow. Latex and memory foam or a combination of foam and polyester fill can work well. Here are examples of two cervical pillows. One that I use as I am a side sleeper is made by THERAPEUTICA which has two square ends so your head is totally supported on its side. This other one is the more common type of cervical pillow which you’ll see is better utilized if you are a back sleeper. One side is usually higher and fuller than the other. I find sleeping on your side with this type of pillow may hyper flex your neck causing discomfort. My suggestion would be to purchase several different pillows and experiment. Find out the return policy before purchase and keep the plastic wrapper on the pillow while in use until you make a determination if you’re going to keep the pillow. Have someone look at your alignment while you’re on your back and on your side and then see which pillow works best for your comfort and sleep. Measuring the distance between the base of your neck and the tip of your shoulder will give you an indication of how high your pillow should be when your head in on the pillow as a side sleeper. It may take up to six weeks before you are comfortable on a new pillow. As always, consult your physician if you have any questions, concerns or physical limitations to avoid injury.

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